REACTING to Matt D’Avella’s Bullet Journal 30-day Challenge Video

I'm a big fan of  @Matt D'Avella  and have learned a lot from his approach to Minimalism and productivity over the years. I was really excited to see his approach to the Bullet Journal Method. I didn't know what I was in for when I started watching, and WOW was I surprised where things ended.... Continue Reading →

New Podcast Episode: Youtube

It's been a minutes, or 8 months, since my last Hobbyist Hangout Podcast episode. It's been a busy 2021 and this is one of those fun hobbies that got moved to the back burner - as most hobbies tend to do. We find something new, more exciting, and focus all our energy there. Well, the... Continue Reading →

Why I decided to join Tik Tok

If you have zero idea what Tik Tok is, don't worry - you are not alone. The short of it is that Tik Tok is a short form, highly addictive, video app where (mostly) teenagers and young adults record themselves lip syncing and creating videos to audio clips with the ultimate goal of "going viral".... Continue Reading →

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