Overcoming a Motivation Slump

I am not excluded from the motivation slumps that so many people experience in the community. I get overwhelmed, demotivated, and sometimes it can be really hard to get out of that slump. So, I wanted to share 3 tips that I use to help myself get out of a rut and back into my journal and habits.

3 Tips For OVERCOMING Your Motivation Slump

Here are some tips that help me when I am in a motivation slump

1. Focus on the Basics

When things start to feel overwhelming, I find that taking it back to the Bullet Journal Basics really helps me get out of slump. No matter how much you think you need your trackers, doodle challenges, or other time intensive spreads, maybe it’s just too much for right now. Revisit these later when you feel better about what you are doing and decide if you still really need them or if it’s what is stressing you out

2. Gamify Your Tasks

If you find that it’s your tasks that are demotivating you, consider adding a little excitement to your tasks by gamifying them. Adding a timer, like this TickTime Timer, challenges you to compete a task with a time limit. Then, once you are done, treat yourself to something fun like a coffee run, 30 minutes of gaming, or whatever gets you excited.

3. Share Your Tasks With Someone

This tactic helps me a lot, especially with work tasks. I will tell my boss, or co-workers, about something that I want to get done. They help me out by holding me accountable for that tasks. I find that the little bit of added pressure, and knowing that someone is there to hold me accountable for it, helps me in getting things done. Always use someone that you trust with this tactic. You don’t want to have someone hounding you about it or making you feel bad. Gentle nudges.​

If you want a deeper dive and more details on each of these steps, be sure to check out the video and leave any tactics you use in the comments of the video to share with me and others too!​

Happy Planing!

-Mark, MenWhoBullet

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