March Wrap Up and April Set Up in My Work Bullet Journal and Planner

March Wrap Up

Before kicking off a new month, I like to take a look back and make sure that I accomplished all of my priority goals for the month. This Appointed Yearly Task Planner has been a truly amazing tool for me this year. I have really enjoyed having a clear plan ahead calendar and the weeks already here for adding things quickly. It’s something that I want to find balance with in my Bullet Journal

I am also migrating all of my previous weeks undone tasks to this week and setting clear prioritizes for myself.

In my Bullet Journal, I like to also look back and document and capture anything that I have forgotten and want to remember. I also am revisiting my intentions and will wrap up my reflections on the month at the end of this week. I like to give myself a full months view. You never know what could happen in a weeks time 🙂 .

April Set Up

In my Task Planner, I have been working off 2-week sprints. This has been so helpful in how I work. It gives me clear focus on the top level things I want to do over these next 2-weeks into April. I also take these items and prioritize them in my weekly spreads. I find that re-writing helps me commit these to memory.

I also set up my monthly overview inside of my Bullet Journal. I have been really enjoying this traditional layout. It works for how I function without going too deep with a lot of trackers or extras that I am not going to use. This month I used a new ink coming to Ferris Wheel Press called “Glistening Glass”. It’s from their Ferritales collection and is inspired by Cinderella. Blue-gray ink base with red sheen and gold shimmer. It’s a stunning ink and it will be available April 6th.

The last thing I added is a weekly layout in my Bullet Journal. This week I am sticking with a very fountain pen inspired theme. I am using the other new color from Ferris Wheel Press, called “Blue Yosemite Falls”. This will also be available on April 6th. This is just a stunning pure blue ink and is inspired by the California coasts. I paired this ink with new stamps I just got from Desk Gems. New ink and pen stamps from 36 Sublo and a new Fountain Pen stamp from Beverly Inks Companion.

Wishing you a good start to your week and wrapping up March. April and more spring weather are so close, I can’t wait.

Talk soon.

Mark, @Menwhobullet

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