My Top 5 Tips to staying consistent in your Bullet Journal and Planner

​​As this year continues to go on, I have found that more people are starting to fall out of their habits, especially when it comes to their Bullet Journals and Planners. So, I wanted to put together my Top 5 Tips on how you can work to continue to succeed in your personal goals and stay consistent.

Tip 1: Build your bullet journal into your daily routine.

I use my journal every day for work. By building it into my daily routine, I ensure that it’s being used. If you don’t use your journal for work related items, try to make time for your journal with a daily 10 minute morning ritual. Reflect on the previous day or set up goals and tasks for the day to come.​

Tip 2: Work in your journal, not for your journal

Your journal is for you and your individual needs. It should always come easy to you and fulfill its purpose. You should not feel guilt or shame for not doing everything in your journal. Make sure it’s a positive feeling when working in it.

Tip 3: Don’t force it, but don’t forget it

It’s a great feeling to work in your bullet journal and planner, but reality is that it will not always be with you at all times. There are going to be times when you are without your planner and need to jot down a note or create a list. Don’t fret, you can always bring those ideas back to your journal when it’s more ideal for you. It doesn’t matter if the idea starts in your phone, it’s more important that it makes it back to your journal eventually.​

Tip 4: Bullet Journal Maintenance

As a flexible system, your Bullet Journal may serve one purpose early in your life and a different one later in your life. As an example, early in my design career I kept all my project notes, sketches, and project to-do lists in my bujo. Several years later, now in a different role, my notebook focuses on higher level tasks and has more of a team focus versus individual. Take the time every 6 months to review your journal and fine tune it for your current needs and focus.​

Tip 5: Have fun in your Bullet Journal

Yes, the Bullet Journal is here to be your guide and companion to live a more intentional life. There isn’t anything wrong with bringing some of yourself into your journal. Have fun in your notebook by using your favorite pens, add photos of moments in time, or create fun collection pages to track your hobbies.

Go deeper with my most recent Youtube Video on this topic

Using these tips can help you enjoy the time you are dedicating to your journal. I have personally gained so much insight into myself through Bullet Journaling. It’s helped me keep on track when I have a million ideas buzzing around my head. The practice of daily gratitude has helped me feel more connected to my daily experiences and the people around me.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bullet Journal Method, I’d invite you to read more about it with the Bullet Journal Method Book. It’s a great resource to have and a great re-read too when you are feeling like you are falling out of things a bit.​

If you want to take things to the next level, Ryder and offer a Bujo: Basics & Beyond course that will take learning about the method to new heights. You get extra insights from Ryder Carroll (the creator of the Bullet Journal Method) as well are exclusive resources you can’t find anywhere else.​I took this course myself as an experienced Bullet Journal users and came out of it with 5+ pages of notes of new information and things to try in my journal.​

Wishing you all the best with your current and future goals in your Bullet Journal and beyond.

Mark, @Menwhobullet

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