The Hobbyist Hangout’s RETURN

It’s been a while since my last podcast episode. I even said last time (Dec 2021) that I was going to try and be more regular with my podcast. But, I lied. Not intentionally – I totally expected to keep up with the podcast that I kicked up in only a few days. But alas, here we are 8 months later. Well, if you have a fix for more stationery conversations – than you are really going to enjoy what is to come.

My original goal of creating the podcast was to interview different people about their hobbies. Having a background in radio broadcasting gave me that extra confidence I needed to make this happen. I was having so much fun with my Instagram Lives and talking with people on those, it felt right. What I wasn’t expecting was the building anxiety of trying to make something like that happen. I can plan a meeting, I can record it, but mixing the podcast with full-time work, Youtube, and Instagram felt like too much. I was overwhelmed. Period.

After giving the podcast a break, and reflecting on it all, I decided that I need to take ownership of what I was doing. Just because the podcast wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, didn’t mean that it was dead. I needed to, and wanted to, make it something again, so I rethought it a little bit.

The next approach to the podcast will still be about hobbies. That isn’t changing. But what is changing is that it doesn’t need to be new every time. I already have a Bullet Journal episode and there will be another one. Why? Well, because it’s a topic that people like, they know me for it, and why not talk about it? My next episode is going to be about notebooks – my love for them, my collection, and what I want in a perfect notebook.

I am excited to have this new episode come out this Friday. It’s going to be a video podcast (if available) streaming on all major platforms, and will also go live on Youtube Friday Mornings.

Youtube Playlist:

Here are the most recent episodes if you’d like to catch up.

Setting Up for 2023 Planning Hobbyist Hangout

In this episode of the Hobbyist Hangout, I am talking about my setup for 2023 and how you can prepare yourself to figure out what planner or system might be right for you. Using a collection page, we can figure out what we need, what we want, and what we don't want from our planners and bullet journals for 2023.  Become a Hobbyist Hangout Supporter. As mentioned in the Podcast:  • Blue22 Bullet Journal Notebook: • Basics & Beyond Couse: • Bullet Journal Edition 2:  • Bullet Journal Method (book): Use Code Menwhobullet10 – save 10% OFF   • Appointed Task Planner: Code MENWHOBULLET 15% OFF at checkout   Favorite Pens: Uni Signo DX: Muji Pen: Preppy Fountain Pen:  Videos Mentioned:  • Beginners Bullet Journal Set Up: • Bullet Journal Review: • Antou Planner Review: • Notebook Review Series: "Bujo" Podcast Episode: "Pen" Podcast Episode: "Notebooks" Podcast Episode: Creative Block Party: Connect with The Hobbyist Hangout Instagram: Twitter: Website: Email: MenWhoBullet Socials and Sites   🔵 Affiliate Links: —— ✸ Notebooks ✸ Archer & Olive  | MENWHOBULLET10 10% OFF at Checkout | MENWHOBULLET10 10% OFF at Checkout   Appointed | MENWHOBULLET 15% OFF at Checkout   Baronfig | MENWHOBULLET10 10% OFF at Checkout   Rocketbook | SMART Reusable Notebooks   ✸ Stationery ✸ Amazon Shop:  Stuck On Creations |  MENWHOBULLET10 10% OFF at Checkout   Ink Blot Shop Stamps   Peerless Watercolors | MENWHOBULLET20 20% OFF your first purchase   Desk Gems 12% Off Coupon   If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This does NOT result in any additional cost to you. Thank YOU for your support! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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