The Hobbyist Hangout’s RETURN

It’s been a while since my last podcast episode. I even said last time (Dec 2021) that I was going to try and be more regular with my podcast. But, I lied. Not intentionally – I totally expected to keep up with the podcast that I kicked up in only a few days. But alas, here we are 8 months later. Well, if you have a fix for more stationery conversations – than you are really going to enjoy what is to come.

My original goal of creating the podcast was to interview different people about their hobbies. Having a background in radio broadcasting gave me that extra confidence I needed to make this happen. I was having so much fun with my Instagram Lives and talking with people on those, it felt right. What I wasn’t expecting was the building anxiety of trying to make something like that happen. I can plan a meeting, I can record it, but mixing the podcast with full-time work, Youtube, and Instagram felt like too much. I was overwhelmed. Period.

After giving the podcast a break, and reflecting on it all, I decided that I need to take ownership of what I was doing. Just because the podcast wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, didn’t mean that it was dead. I needed to, and wanted to, make it something again, so I rethought it a little bit.

The next approach to the podcast will still be about hobbies. That isn’t changing. But what is changing is that it doesn’t need to be new every time. I already have a Bullet Journal episode and there will be another one. Why? Well, because it’s a topic that people like, they know me for it, and why not talk about it? My next episode is going to be about notebooks – my love for them, my collection, and what I want in a perfect notebook.

I am excited to have this new episode come out this Friday. It’s going to be a video podcast (if available) streaming on all major platforms, and will also go live on Youtube Friday Mornings.

Youtube Playlist:

Here are the most recent episodes if you’d like to catch up.

Fountain Pens Hobbyist Hangout

In this episode of the Hobbyist Hangout, I am talking about the mighty fountain pen. I was very intimidated by fountain pens in the beginning, but over time I have learned how great they really are. That appreciation has turned into more of a hobby now, with a growing collection of pens and inks. In this episode, we will be talking about my first fountain pen, and great starter pens, including dip pens, and even chat about some of my favorite inks. All Pens, Inks, and Products discussed are on my amazon shop: Become a Hobbyist Hangout Supporter. Connect with The Hobbyist Hangout Instagram: Twitter: Website: Email: MenWhoBullet Socials and Sites 🔵 Affiliate Links: —— ✸ Notebooks ✸ Archer & Olive  | MENWHOBULLET10 10% OFF at Checkout | MENWHOBULLET10 10% OFF at Checkout Appointed | MENWHOBULLET 15% OFF at Checkout ✸ Stationery ✸ Amazon Shop: Stuck On Creations |  MENWHOBULLET10 10% OFF at Checkout   Ink Blot Shop Stamps Peerless Watercolors | MENWHOBULLET20 20% OFF your first purchase Desk Gems 12% Off Coupon ✸ Video Music + SEO ✸ Get Unlimited Royalty-Free Music from Soundstripe Code Menwhobullet10 to save 10% OFF   TubeBuddy: Up your Youtube SEO and Youtube Game If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This does NOT result in any additional cost to you. Thank YOU for your support! — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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