GAME CHANGING Email Organization: The Stack Method

Email is such an important part of our daily lives, like it or not. If you use it at work, it is likely your primary mode of communication. Personal emails tend to get out of hand so quickly and feel super unruly. So I had to find a solution, and I did.

A follower on Instagram actually told me about the Stack Method a few months ago. I looked into the method and fell in love! It has seriously changed the way I manage my emails for work, and now for home too. 

In today’s video I introduce you to the Stack Method, its creator, and the process for using this method in your work and/or personal email. I show you, step by step, how it works and show you how I used it to take my 1,200+ email inbox down to ZERO!

You can check out more on the Stack Method online and take a deeper dive into method and hear from the creator himself.

I hope that the Stack Method can work for you in your daily email ongoings! Drop a comment on the video and let me know it works for you!

One thought on “GAME CHANGING Email Organization: The Stack Method

  1. my inbox is a nightmare! and I have several email accounts… I desperately need a way to tame it all, and the stack method seems simple and straightforward, without messy nested folders. Definitely will be looking into this more and giving it a go. Thanks for sharing!

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