The Galen Leather Writing Box

I’ve have had the great honor over the past few months to use and work with Galen Leather and their Writing Box. I wanted to really be able to give you a good review – so after several weeks of working with it, it’s time to let you know what I think. Long story short, I love it! And I think any stationery lover will also love it. Here’s Why:

First, it holds all the things

As a stationery lover, it’s really important for me to be able to have all of my favorite items with me when I am in a creative mood. The Writing Box has an inside dimensions of 11.6 X 9.2 X 2 inches (29 x 23 x 5 cm). This is plenty of room for my notebook (or two), pens, pencils, ruler, accessories like clips or a call container of paperclips, and stamps and stamp ink. With the ability to hold on to items on the top, using the elastic slots, you can fit even more like small notepads, up to 6 pens, and other clips and accessories. Just when you think that you might be able to fit something, you think… well I could put this in the top slots.

Here’s the inside of my writers box currently. I keep a journal, pens, and a few accessories in here for when I am feeling inspired.

Second, it’s beautifully made

These Writing Boxes are made from walnut wood with nickle-plated brass accessories and finished with natural oils. The inside top is vegetable tanned leather. Paired with the natural walnut wood, it’s stunning. From the moment you get this writing box in your hands, you just know that it’s a quality item. I really enjoy the natural wood and how smooth it is. Opening the box when it first arrived, I just said… “woooooow”.

I did get a few messages when I shared this box, on my Instagram, that others had noticed that their box had warped over time. When you check the notes on the Galen Website it states, “This box is made of natural wood and due to the nature of the wood and depending on your location, you can see warping. (mostly in winter). So it is acceptable that you can see a gap up to 4-5 mm gap between sides. Again it depends on your region, climate… It is not a production problem. A seasonal difference in humidity and weather.”

Just be aware of where you keep and how you keep this box. It’s not you average storage box. It’s quality and natural wood. It deserves your care.

Third, it truly is a writers best friend

I knew that this was called the Writing Box, but I never REALLY understood it until I got it in my hands I tried it out. Not only does this hold all your stationery items, but it also is an elevated writing surface as well. Inside of the box are two wooden prongs that fold up to turn your flat box into a writing surface with a 15 degree angle. It’s wonderful for setting up in any space but without taking up too much space on it’s own. The logo badge on the from is slightly raised, so it serves a double purpose of also holding up your notebook while on the angle.

Galen Leather Co makes some stunning stationery and writing pieces. Their selection is robust and they offer so many amazing items from storage, to wallets, to pens and cases, and more. If you haven’t checked out their site and collection, definitely do so.

The Galen Leather Writing Box is a perfect gift for someone special in your life or even for yourself. It’s not something that you see everyday, that’s for sure. And I really love how portable it is. I have packed this up with some of my stationery and taken it with me of a weekend trip. Everything stays together and it is all in one place. It’s classy and perfect for anyone that appreciates nice things and loves a great writing surface and storage.

You can purchase this box now on the site:

I’d love to hear what you think of this fantastic writing box. Which features do you think you’d love the most? Or, if you already have one, what do you think of it? Looking forward to hearing what you think!

I want to also thank Galen Leather Co. for sending me the Writing Box to feature for this blog post. It’s been a great opportunity to try and use something that is so special. You don’t realize it until you really have it in your hands and can truly admire the craftsmanship that goes into this item.

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