Making a Wordle Journal

If you know you know, Wordle is all the rage right now on Twitter and social media. If you don’t know, I’m sure you have seen a few social media posts that look like this.

I’ve fallen to the Wordle bug myself, playing daily to find the 5 letter word of the day. I don’t post my daily score all over social media, only to a few friends in a chat, but I do like to track my own little wins.

I have been looking for a use for one of my tiny B6 notebooks from one of the past Archer & Olive subscription boxes. What a better way to use it than for a Wordle Journal. So here is how I set it up.

First thing, I needed to find a journal to use for this. I didn’t want to use a larger one, but this could totally be something you set up in an A5 notebook. I’ve had these Pocket B6 journals from the September 2021 Archer & Olive Subscription Box for a bit, unused. This one has Kraft paper and makes the tracker notebook even more fun.

Next, I needed a way to get my 5×6 grid to add in my Wordle boxes. This calendar stamp worked out perfectly! I turned it on its side which gave me the 5 columns. I was able to fit 6 grids on this one page. Once I was done, I needed to alter the stamp just a bit. I needed to block out the last row to give me the right amount for the daily guesses.

What’s great about this is that I can add the word of the day in a white or colored gel pen in that space. You could also use a different color here or keep the grid and just know that the letters will go there.

The last thing to do is to block out your rows as you try and guess the daily word. You can fill in the square with the same green and yellow colors as the game ( blue and orange in the color blind mode ). For me, I’m keeping it simple, just using a black fine liner to fill in the squares depending on the correct letters. Once I get the word, if I get the word, I’ll draw a line through the space and then add the puzzle number and guess numbers on the left.

If you don’t have a calendar stamp, feel free to just use the squares you already have in your dot grid journal. No need to make it harder on yourself. Another thing I like about this is that each stamp is blank, so if I miss a day, no big deal. It’s all in the fun of the Wordle.

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