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It’s been a minutes, or 8 months, since my last Hobbyist Hangout Podcast episode. It’s been a busy 2021 and this is one of those fun hobbies that got moved to the back burner – as most hobbies tend to do. We find something new, more exciting, and focus all our energy there.

Well, the podcast is getting moved back up front, and in this episode we are talking about the hobby of having a YouTube Channel. While most people thing that Youtube is their ticket to super stardom, for the rest of us, we know it’s for fun. My experience has been very much a slow moving hobby. From starting with just my iphone and desk light, to now having a more professional camera and lighting – it’s been a learning process. It didn’t have the space or budget to spend a ton of money, so spending time learning first then buying is how I went about it.

Is Bullet Journaling Dead? Hobbyist Hangout

Bullet Journaling was born in 2013, rose to maximum interest in 2018, but has slowly been down-trending over the years. So, today we ask the question, Is Bullet Journaling Dead? Previous Podcasts on Bullet Journaling: Bujo For Work Bullet Journaling Connect with The Hobbyist Hangout Instagram: HobbyistHangout Twitter: Website: Email: MenWhoBullet Socials and Sites 🔴 Subscribe for more YouTube Bullet Journal Videos and Tips 🔸 Let's Connect: — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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  1. I would be interested in seeing your studio setup. Maybe just some photos of the things you talked about!

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