My Daughter’s First Bullet Journal Flip Through

I’m so excited that my daughters are starting to become just as interested in notebooks, journaling, and stationery as I am. I guess it runs in the blood!? I just posed a new Youtube video yesterday which is a full flip through of my daughters 2021 journal

I set up the journal for her earlier this year and gave it to her as a birthday present. She got a really nice A5 Archer & Olive journal, glitter cover, and uniball EMOTT pens. A nice stationery haul if I say so myself.

There was zero expectation for her to use this journal as a bullet journal. While I think that a bullet journal would be great for her, she’s not ready, and honestly not overly interested in starting one for her day to day. But this notebook was perfect for her. Up until I gave her this notebook, she was using a small pocket notebook to jot down her daily steps. Her daily ritual was right before bed to check her fitbit and tally up her steps.

Overtime, I started to notice that she was also jotting little notes and doodle in there too. She was coming up close on finishing out the little notebook and her birthday was coming up too, so it was a perfect time to start getting it all together.

Here’s my whole set up of her journal

What’s great about setting this up, for me, is that I get to also use all the stationery that I otherwise would never really use for myself. I love, and feel so fortunate, that I have been a part of the Archer & Olive design team, and have received a lot of different items over the year. Stickers, washi, and so much more that now, I get to use in my daughters notebooks.

These notebooks have been so fun to create for them and the video are becoming so fun to record and review with them. I am so pumped for the future of these journals with them, and also the creation of more journals and fun with my girls.

Chat soon,

Mark Fig

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