REVIEW: Baronfig DO WORK Journal

Of all of the guided journals that I have seen, the Baronfig DO WORK Journal continues to be one of my favorite. From what the Baronfig brand stands for to the design of this notebook, everything works nicely together.

Baronfig DO WORK Journal

The concept of these type of guided journals isn’t new. A lot of these types of journals follow a similar pattern. The goal of these types of journals is to focus your attention on specific goals for a period of time. The Baronfig journal covers a full quarter of time. In the notebook you identify your quarterly Milestones, breaken down into weekly goals, and then to daily tasks.


Milestones are your most high-level objectives that you want to achieve. These are usually business goals and objectives, short term, or long term projects.


These are weekly goals that you set up to focus your attention on what needs to get done. These should, but not always, are related to your Milestone. It’s best to break things down for yourself to hit your milestone, but other things come onto your plate, and Baronfig designed for that.


Tasks are the final breakdown from the big Milestone(s) you set for yourself. These tend to be the more actionable items on your lists. What’s cool about tasks in this journal, is that the pages include time tracking – if you need that for your daily job. Each page is a day in the week with extra space for notes on the right hand page.

Where Baronfig take it a little farther, is in the details of their pages. Each page adds a little extra to its edges. Quarterly goal and overview pages follows progress on goal achievement, progress, wins, and satisfaction. Daily task pages include project yield, total hours, and location tracking. There are small details, but it’s what makes the DO WORK journal stand out.

If you are interested in seeing and learning more about the Baronfig DO WORK journal, check out my video review. You can head over to the Baronfig website and check out the DO WORK Journal and other Guided journals from their collection. Use Code MENWHOBULLET to save 10% your purchases from the site.

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