Stencil Bujo Weekly Layout + Video Tutorial

Stencils are a great, fun, and easy way to add design to your bullet journal and planner pages. I got these cool stencils for Christmas from my wife and kids and whenever I need a little inspiration, they are great aides to creativity.

For this weekly spread, I needed a little inspiration to get my creative brain going. I saw the small tab on the stencil and thought about how cool it would look if I went with a folder theme across this page. Using the tab as well as rounded edges I was able to get the look I was going for.

Bullet Journal Supplies:

Step 1 – Layout your page

Choose your Grid for your page. Because I am in a 8×8 Square Bullet journal, I went with a 3-column vertical grid for each page. Make sure that your stencil is not longer than your column width. Height wise, you can decided to run your column all the way down the page or 3/4th of the way down to leave room for notes, calendars, or trackers.

Step 2 – Create your tabs

Using your metal stencil, trace the folder tab on the top of the column, top left.

Step 3 – Add your rounded edges

Use the edge of the stencil to create your rounded edge. You could also do this as a straight point if you don’t have a rounded edge item available.

Step 4 – Add your detail

Using a light gray highlighter or marker, add some dimension to your bujo layout. You could fill in your tabs with a light color, or add a drop shadow on the right and bottom side of your folders. I also decided to add some stickers from my Dolce Planner sticker kits.

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