Introducing The Hobbyist Hangout Podcast

“Introducing” my latest hobby: Podcasting… come hangout!

My name is Mark, and I am a professional hobbyist. I bullet journal, paint, I’m a plant dad, I like video editing… the list goes on. These topics, and more, will feed this podcast. I’m excited to try a new medium and tell fun stories. I’m also excited to invite some friends to the podcast to talk to them about their hobbies.

I am still working out my cadence and scheduling, but the first big step is compete. Introducing The Hobbyist Hangout Podcast.

Is Bullet Journaling Dead? Hobbyist Hangout

Bullet Journaling was born in 2013, rose to maximum interest in 2018, but has slowly been down-trending over the years. So, today we ask the question, Is Bullet Journaling Dead? Previous Podcasts on Bullet Journaling: Bujo For Work Bullet Journaling Connect with The Hobbyist Hangout Instagram: HobbyistHangout Twitter: Website: Email: MenWhoBullet Socials and Sites 🔴 Subscribe for more YouTube Bullet Journal Videos and Tips 🔸 Let's Connect: — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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  2. JashiiCorrin talks Bullet Journaling, TMI Trackers, and Full-time Content Creator
  3. Distress Oxide Ink
  4. Fountain Pens
  5. Work Bujo

My goal is to make the podcast available on all of the major Podcast apps. Right now, the podcast is available on these platforms:


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