Holiday Lights Bullet Journal Weekly Ideas

Hey Crew,

This week I am creating a Bullet Journal Holiday Lights Weekly design idea that is easy to create and make inside of your own Bujo.

Bullet Journal Supplies:

Archer and Olive Square Bullet Joural (This can be done in any size journal)


uniball Metallic Gel Pens



Dolce Winter Sticker Set

Step 1:

I always start with my pencil to make the right spacing and lines. For this design I used my Resource page in the back of my Bullet Journal to figure out spacing. This resource page has been a life-saver in productive time. I love it so much.

You are going to draw 2 rectangles, free hand, overtop of each other slightly off set to create the lights pattern.

Step 2:

Next, you can place your stickers on your page wherever you’d like them. Also add in on your lights using your metallic gel pens or any markers or colored pencils. And that’s it!

Fore more Bullet Journal Weekly and Page ideas, head over to my Youtube Channel and check out this playlist : Bullet Journal Ideas

Talk soon,


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