Am I switching from a Bullet Journal to a Hobonichi Planner?

After hearing so many amazing things about the Hobonichi planners I had to try them out for myself. My good friend Nicole from @Plansthatblossom was so kind to send these my way.

First impressions are that this paper is THIN. But that’s the magic of this Tomoe River Paper. Super thin but with the ability to take on ink, paint, and almost anything you can drawn on it.

The Techo is really neat. The Day-free is like a mix of a dated planner – but only the “future log” section is dated. The other 172 pages are all open and free to do whatever you need to do with it.

The 5 year journal is a cool concept where you jot down a few notes of your day, each day, for 5 years. I don’t see it as something that you’d carry around with you – but it’s definitely a nice desk journal that you reflect in daily.

My Bullet Journal brain makes to think about this notebook in phases. I see a page for an Index, the built in calendars as a future log, and these wonderful Tomoe River paper grid pages for collections, weekly, or daily logs.

For myself, I am going to use it for side hustle work and a social media planner. My main bullet journal will be for work, as it always hase been, but my Techo will be for other things outside of work. Notes for editing in Final Cut Pro, meetings with the Archer and Olive Design team, or anything else that I deem “right” for it.

Im also very excited to try to do some creative journaling in here too. I can’t wait to use my @Pepperconarts watercolors in here and create some really awesome reflection, journaling, and creative pages.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried these Hobonichi journals and which ones you love the most.

2 thoughts on “Am I switching from a Bullet Journal to a Hobonichi Planner?

  1. So, how goes the hobo? I’m hearing the same siren call – but want to keep it minimal…

    and, thank you for taking the time to document your journey.

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