Bullet Journal Tips // Part 3

This is the last week of this great collaboration with @positivethoights.ca and these Bullet Journal Tips for new bullet journalers and reminders for those who have been doing it for a while. These last 3 have to do with inspiration and revisiting your journal.

Tip 7

Keep your inspiration in saved collections on Instagram, screenshots on your phone, or booksmarks. If you are ever in a creative rut, it’s a wonderful idea to get inspiration from your peers and creatives. If you are really feeling lost, recreate another spread and be sure to tag that account. Speaking of trying different things…

Tip 8

Be sure as you start to explore different approaches to bullet journaling and planning. If you are unsure of what works for you try different styles. Minimalistic, paint, markers, lettering, grids – there are so many types to try. Have fun with it and take what works and leave what doesn’t.

Tip 9

Review your Bujo often. Aside from finding what works from a creative perspective, it’s also important to review your journal for notes and tasks that might have been left behind by accident. Maybe there was an idea you were thinking about but forgot you jotted it down. Review is a very important part of bullet journaling. So be sure to review often as a best practice.

A special thanks to @positivethoughts.ca for this collaboration. It was so fun think through these and talk on them more with everyone. I’ve kept them on my blog on Menwhobullet.com and will soon be doing a video talking more about these.

I’d love to hear what other Bullet Journal Tips you have found helpful over your time. Let me know in the comments below.

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