I’m a guy that Bullet Journals, Let me introduce myself

Hey there everyone. I noticed a lot of new followers recently, so I wanted to do a reintroduction. Hi, I’m Mark. And I’m a guy that bullet journals.

I started my Instagram account, @Menwhobullet , the same day I started in my first Bullet Journal , April of 2017. This system has changed the way I work and has made me feel a lot better about my days. I’m a design manager in my day to day and I’m in a lot of meetings. So I’ve got notes and todos for days. I used to be adamant about being all digital – and that’s how I kept my notes for years. I was a big Evernote user, but I found that I was putting a lot into the app, but not taking anything out of it. I wasn’t retaining most of what I was typing into it and my organization felt like more work than productivity. So I took my friends advice, checked out Ryder Carroll videos and gave the Bullet Journal system a go!

Almost 4 years later, I’m on my 6th journal and I’d like to think that I’ve been able to contribute to the Bullet Journal community 📝 My goal at first was to try and provide inspiration to other guys who weren’t seeing photos or examples of planners or journals they could see themselves using. While that is still one of my goals, I like to think broader now, to anyone, because journals, layouts, and style don’t have to be male or female. At the end of the day I want to help anyone and everyone find an organization or planning solution that works best for them. So I’m here for you if you need anything 😊

I also have a Youtube channel where I talk more about my approach along with share inspiration. I also have videos on how to setup a new bullet journal and have a lot of step by step tutorials on setting up pages.

Mark, @menwhobullet

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