Meeting the Man Behind @Menwhobullet

For the past 2 years my Youtube channel has been very “plan with me” focused. I had been recording similar videos of overhead shots of me designing and layout out my weekly bullet journal. I like creating those videos. They are a lot of fun and I like to share and inspire where I can. I remember when I was getting started and didn’t have anything with “my style” to use as a resource for my own inspiration. So I want to do my best to be that person for other people.

There hasn’t been anything wrong with these videos. Actually, they tend to get ok views. I am still very new to Youtube. And i’ll admit I haven’t followed all of the rules of Youtube so far. I haven’t been very consistent, I don’t follow trends, and up until recently no one has been my face. I was sharing these ideas and design but no one was getting to know me, Mark, the man behind the bullet journal.

I wasn’t intentionally hinding my face. I just felt like the Bullet journal was the star, people were not here to see me. But I finally made the decision to introduce myself on youtube. I want to get to know people and I want them to get to know me.

So let’s meet Mark, the man behind the bullet journal

2 thoughts on “Meeting the Man Behind @Menwhobullet

  1. I like your YouTube channel as you present a balanced approach between the highly artistic and highly minimalistic approaches to this journal style which a lot of people seem to get lost in. 🙂

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