One Day or Day One

“For us, lists aren’t just stuff we have to do…
each task in an experience waiting to be born.”

— Ryder Carroll

So, here we are. Day one of me starting this blog. It seems kind of natural that I would start this. I like to share ideas and thoughts that I have around planning, journaling, and overall organization – so let’s give it a go.

If you don’t know me, my name is Mark, and I run the Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube accounts for @MenWhoBullet. It’s just me posting and creating for these accounts. I know the name can be a little deceiving. Most people think that it’s an account where multiple guys create and post – but it’s just me. My original thought was to focus on other guys in the planner community, but I quickly found out that the guys make up a really small portion of this community. Also, there are just far too many other awesome accounts out there not to love and share. So instead, I decided to post my work and show how I was using planning in my every day life.

I do still like to carve out a special space in my content for #menwhobullet

A sample of one of my weekly spreads. Instagram – @Menwhobullet

My full time job is as a creative director for an in-house creative group at an investment management firm. My bullet journal is my go-to system for managing daily tasks, weekly to-dos, and everything in-between. I honestly don’t think that I would be able to properly function without my bullet journal. That might sound a little silly, but very honestly it’s been my productivity and brain lifesaver over the past few years. I’ll talk more about my bullet journal and how I got started in future posts. For now, it’s very nice to e-blog-meet you. I am very much looking forward to getting to share more of my planning with you, talk about the positive effects of journaling, and discuss topics around social media and the planning, journaling, and bullet journaling community.

Talk soon,

Mark – @Menwhobullet

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